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Review the price list for hunting season 2014/2015. year

For more information call:  +381 230 403 050 or email: lovackidom@mts.rs

No.Name of servicePrice list H.A. of Serbia,
no VAT
Price list H.A. Kikinda, no VAT
1.Organized hunting on big game, per hunter and one hunting report (daily)

2.Organized hunting on small game, per hunter and one hunting report (daily)

3.Professional guide for hunting on big game (upon release)

4.Professional guide for hunting on small game (daily)

5.Translator (daily)

6.Off-road vehicle (daily)

7.Support personnel in the hunt (1 on 3 hunter, daily)

8.Rent a hound (daily)

9.Service shooting big game (per game)

10.Pheasant in organized hunting (without agency commission)

11.Pheasant in organized hunting (with agency commission)

12.Rabbit in organized hunting (without agency commission)

13.Rabbit in organized hunting (with agency commission)

14.Venison meat for selling for members of the H.A. Kikinda

15.Venison meat for selling third parties

16.The meat of wild boars for members H.A. Kikinda

17.The meat of pheasant for third parties

18.The organization of hunting (1) roe with additional services use off-road vehicle, an expert companion, with meat, for members H.A. Kikinda